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Dr. Dan Robinson offers Diabetic Foot Screening

Dr. Dan Robinson Offers Pre-Evaluations and Screenings to Prevent Complications from Diabetes, Prevent Amputations

BLACKFOOT, Idaho–(BUSINESS WIRE)— Foot and ankle specialist Dr. Dan Robinson today announced he will now offer diabetic foot screenings through a new clinic held in the Medical Plaza at Bingham Memorial Hospital every other Monday. Dr. Robinson will offer screenings in order to establish a baseline of foot health for all area diabetes patients to better identify any changes or problems before they require costly or drastic treatments like amputation. Diabetes is responsible for as much as 80 percent of non-traumatic foot amputations each year with incidence of the disease on the rise.

“It is as important to monitor foot health as it is to monitor blood sugar and eye health for diabetic patients,” said Dr. Robinson. “Like cancer, early detection is the key for diabetes-related foot issues. If we can establish that baseline of foot health, we will be able to identify any changes and treat them as they occur. It’s also important for physicians that may be treating patients for diabetes to be sure diabetic patients are receiving regular foot evaluations as well. This will help patients eliminate any risk of further complications.”

Diabetic foot screenings include an initial evaluation of foot health, and are the first step in watching for conditions such as neuropathy, foot ulcers, peripheral vascular disease, cracking and peeling skin, and calluses, all of which can eventually lead to amputation.

The Diabetic Foot Screenings are held in the Medical Plaza, along with offices that treat other related ailments, allowing doctors to take a collaborative approach to treating diabetes and helping their patients receive the best treatment options for all facets of the disease.

Dr. Robinson holds regular diabetic foot screenings every other Monday from 1pm-5pm. For more information or to set up an appointment, please call 208-782-2490.